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Safety is Everything!

Your pet's safety and health is our top priority, that's why we use:

  • Fully adjustable hydraulic lift grooming tables to allow large dogs to easily step on and off from a safe height.

  • Only high-quality, pH-balanced shampoo and conditioners designed for your pet's coat and skin health.

  • Soft, slip-proof, biothane leads that allow large and small dogs to be transported between each aspect of their groom.

  • Biothane tethers that offer secure and gentle restraint in the bathtub, as well as, on the grooming and drying tables. Additionally, they are moisture-resistant, creating an easier and safer way to sanitize in between each use.

  • High-velocity hand dryers are used under direct supervision, followed by cool, free-flow fan crates (if needed) - NEVER hot closed cage dryers which can cause pets to become dangerously overheated!

Screen Shot 2020-05-10 at 8.43.10 PM.png

In addition to these safety considerations, our entire staff has taken the time to certify and complete the Professional Pet Groomers Covid-19 Certification course. During this course, hygiene and standard practices of social distancing are highlighted in addition to the proper use of personal protection wear (PPW), handling pets, and sanitization methods. 

We are taking all the steps and precautions possible to make sure that we are staying proactive as we settle into our new normal. We encourage our clients to ask us questions or voice concerns as we navigate life with Covid-19.

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