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At Paws Grooming, we try our very best to accommodate our beloved clientele. That being said, we do have a few policies in place to ensure each of our clients receives the best care and service we possibly can provide.

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Late Arrivals

We understand that life happens and sometimes you may be running behind unexpectedly. However, showing up past your appointment time not only creates time constraints for your appointment but also puts your stylist behind for the remainder of their day and further inconveniences other clients after you.

We allow our clients a 10-minute grace period from the start of their appointment time. If you feel as though you are going to be running behind, contact the salon and speak to your stylist to discuss timing. Depending on the schedule your stylist has for that day, they may not be able to complete the original service within that shortened period and reduce services for that appointment. If you arrive later than 10 minutes after your appointment time, your stylist is at liberty to cancel the appointment and charge you for the canceled appointment. If your stylist is still able to accommodate your pet(s), there will be a $25 convenience fee added to your service total, regardless if services are reduced or not. All fees must be paid before or at the next appointment to resume any scheduled services.


All appointments booked will receive a confirmation text when booking and a set of reminders 3-days before the scheduled appointment. We require notice of cancellation 48 hours before your appointment either by phone call or text message. Cancellations made within 48 hours may result in a $25 cancellation fee due at the next service. If you cancel multiple appointments in a row, we reserve the right to cancel all future appointments regardless of notice or not.



Clients who confirm their appointment and do not show up to their appointment without notifying the salon prior within 48 hours of their appointment will be subject to paying up to 50% of their appointment total. All fees must be paid before or at the next appointment to resume any scheduled services.


All appointments booked will receive a confirmation text message of their next scheduled appointment the day they book. Our stylists depend on your confirmation to allow them to plan their days accordingly. Clients are required to confirm or cancel their appointment via text message (or phone call). By not confirming, your stylist is unable to properly time their tasks to allow for quick service turn-around and may affect your appointment's timing. If you are not able to attend your appointment and you do not cancel via text or phone call within 48 hours, you may be subject to a cancellation fee of up to 50% of your service total.

**We ask for a phone number in which we can contact you via text message to send these reminders. Paws Grooming is not responsible for those who do not show up to their appointment because they failed to offer a working phone number that can receive text messages.

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