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Paws Grooming Studio + Spa carries products in-store to keep your pet fresh and stylish. From Made in Michigan collars to Award-Winning ARTERO© salon products, we offer these products to ease your pet's maintenance in the comfort of your home. In addition to these wonderful products, we have welcomed the Skout's Honor product line to provide options for you and your pet in-between visits!

We also offer a wide-variety treat bar for some tasty rewards to take home! All treats are human-grade ingredients and all-natural!


Tear-free and soap-free ensure that your pet can get a safe and relaxing clean from nose to toes!


Probiotics are infused in Skout's Honor shampoo to ensure that your pet is protected against environmental damage and inflammation that may be associated with excessive shedding, dryness, itching, infection, and odor!

scents for everyone

-Dog of the Woods-

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